About Us

Bob & Shannon Coffee

A wonderful photo by Bob’s sister, Carlene.

What are the adventures of Bob & Shan? They could be anything! Shan has a never-ending wanderlust, and Bob has a penchant for documenting the world around us. We both wanted to blog as a means of sharing our day to day adventures, trying out new recipes, and documenting our larger traveling adventures as well. The idea emerged when we found ourselves on our first big adventure together in Tofino, and we created our Instagram hashtag – #theadventuresofbobandshan.

Our adventures aren’t always big endeavors, or exotic locations, but taking time to enjoy what our daily lives have to offer. Either way, we look at life as an adventure and an opportunity to bring joy to yourself or that person by your side by trying something new! From here, we can go anywhere, and invite you to follow along as we pursue adventure through food and travel.

Bob & Shan