Chimichurri, Artichoke, and Prosciutto Tuna Melt

Chimichurri, Artichoke, and Prosciutto Tuna Melt

As much as I love intricate recipes and fancy food, I’ll never get tired of simple pantry classics like a can of tuna. It’s one of those things I find myself gravitating to when there seems to be no food in the house. Of course I have a tendency to take things past a simple tuna sandwich, scrambling around for whatever leftovers I might be able to add in. In this case, it was stray pieces of prosciutto, leftover chimichurri sauce, and a can of artichokes. My little ol’ can of tuna was on it’s way to becoming a gourmet star!…

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Grapefruit Curd & Olive Oil Tart

Grapefruit Curd & Olive Oil Tart - Grapefruit adds a wonderful tartness to this dessert

We bought a tart pan. A nice, slender one that was just begging to be used. If I remember correctly, I spotted it at HomeSense, and that very evening this tart was pulled out of the oven. I couldn’t help myself. Instead of going with my weakness, and making a lemon tart, I decided to be a little more sane. God forbid I eat this all in one sitting. Grapefruits sounded so appealing. Light, citrus desserts are totally my thing. Actually, I just like dealing with pastry dough too! I don’t find it tedious, as I know some people do. Making pies was always something I did with my mom, and we always used grandma’s recipe, so that’s probably why I feel so fondly about it….

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Roasted Tomato & Zucchini Waffles

Roasted Tomato & Zucchini Waffles - These savoury waffles are a great way to use up those end of season garden vegetables.

Fate is a beautiful thing. I think it was fated that Bob and I had waffles today, because I have been b*tching about wanting a waffle maker for ages. The unexpected series of events that led to it were perfect though. First, this morning I commented again that we needed a waffle maker. I’ve said it time and time again, and its remarkable to me that a food photographer can have upwards of forty cutting boards, and a surprising number of linens for a straight man, but not a waffle maker. He was nevertheless, unconcerned….

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Roasted Tomatoes

Roasted Tomatoes - A super easy and great way to preserve all those garden tomatoes.

What’s a guy to do when faced with an abundance of garden tomatoes? Eat them all at once? Make a ton of tomato soup? Let them go bad while I decide? I wasn’t really feeling any of those options, so I decided roasting was the way to go. If you’ve never slowly roasted fresh tomatoes, you are in for a treat! Garden tomatoes are amazing as is, but when you slowly roast them their flavour intensifies in the most amazing way. They become slightly sweeter, with plenty of that acidic tomato-ey zip we all love, making a perfect addition to salads, baking, waffles, or just eating them like candy (because that’s pretty much how amazing they become!).

It’s one of the easier ways to deal with those end of season tomatoes, stretching their shelf life by several weeks, so chop those tomatoes, pop them in the oven, and try to stay busy for a while!


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Mushroom Pithivier

Mushroom Pithivier - Vegetarian comfort food at its most decadent.

I have never met a woman who feels about burgers the way Shan does. We are definitely meat lovers. That being said, veggies play a huge role in our cooking and we would be amiss without them, so when we gave ourselves the task of creating a delicious vegetarian meal for Shannon’s friend Lauren, we couldn’t have been more excited! One of our favourite things about cooking is the endless opportunity to try something we’ve never done before, whether it’s using a new ingredient, learning new techniques, or pairing the two together, our kitchen is always place for discovery. With that in mind, we set out to tackle both a new ingredient, and technique with this Mushroom Pithivier. Heck, you can even learn new words and languages in the kitchen (and how to pronounce them)! Say it with us “Peeh-tee-vyay”, the word alone will impress your guests!…

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Butterscotch Pots de Crème

Butterscotch Pots De Creme - These are perfect for a crowd! Easy to make a large batch, and store in the fridge.

This post is an old one that never did get posted, and its funny looking back how life changes. This year has been a whirlwind, and we did happen to go to France, which came as a surprise to me! I figured I had to preface this post with that, since it makes little sense otherwise… I’ll just let you see for yourself.

I once failed a French class. Speaking French didn’t come easily to me, and I truly didn’t commit to the language. Enough said. You know what’s easy to commit to? These creamy, indulgent, pots de crème. I would highly recommend it. Ils sont délicieux. (They’re delicious.) I’m not going to France anytime soon, but thanks to Gjelina’s stunning cookbook, I was able to bring myself and some friends along to have a taste of France….

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Hennessy Espresso Brownies

Hennessy Espresso Brownies - Coffee, liquor, and brownies, all in one. Need we say more?

This blog has made me look at myself really introspectively. Like why, why do I make dessert when I have no occasion to do so. What brought me here? Is it okay to eat brownies as meals, between meals? These are questions we all have to answer. I’ll leave you with your conscience.

My conscience tells me that dessert is always okay as long as you intend to share. I made these one afternoon, delighting in the whole house smelling like espresso. I iced them later that night, watching sugar and Hennessey bubble on the stove top. I shared them late in the week with friends at Ayden. They were to die for. I think that’s evidenced by one of my good friends eating about 6 of them. (He claims it wasn’t that many. I’m calling you out, Chad.)…

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Mushroom Duxelles Roast Beef

Mushroom Duxelles Roast Beef - Inspired by Beef Wellington, this beef is covered in a crust of dijon, mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and thyme, then roasted to perfection!

Apparently I have a thing for roasting beef around midnight, it’s like my witching hour. But actually, it’s the only time that really makes sense to cook a large dinner most days of the week (although, does making dinner around midnight really make sense? Not really). This time around, the clock was ticking on a piece of beef in the fridge, and the best before date had crept on us. We’ve all been there right? You buy something, excited to cook it, and before you know it, it’s almost expired. With no time to waste, I got to work! Inspired by Beef Wellington, I covered the roast with Mushroom Duxelles; a blend of mushrooms, garlic, thyme, and shallots, typically placed between the filet of beef and puff pastry of a Wellington. After rubbing the roast with a generous amount of Dijon, I crossed my fingers and hoped the Mushroom Duxelles would stick to the beef. It was a success! I used my tried and true method for roasting beef, and soon we had a beautiful medium-rare beef, with a delicious mushroom crust. 

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Pistachio Bundt Cake

Pistachio Bundt Cake - A rich, dense bundt cake, flavoured with pistachio, and a hint of Orange Blossom Water.

I did that thing again where I take the night off work, and am suddenly compelled to bake something. Bob and I found ourselves back home after a wonderful trip to Vancouver island, and thrown back into the busyness of life. I took the night off so I could get my life organized and do some laundry. Once the laundry was tossed in, though, I figured I might as well enjoy my Friday too!…

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