Hennessy Espresso Brownies

Hennessy Espresso Brownies - Coffee, liquor, and brownies, all in one. Need we say more?

This blog has made me look at myself really introspectively. Like why, why do I make dessert when I have no occasion to do so. What brought me here? Is it okay to eat brownies as meals, between meals? These are questions we all have to answer. I’ll leave you with your conscience.

My conscience tells me that dessert is always okay as long as you intend to share. I made these one afternoon, delighting in the whole house smelling like espresso. I iced them later that night, watching sugar and Hennessey bubble on the stove top. I shared them late in the week with friends at Ayden. They were to die for. I think that’s evidenced by one of my good friends eating about 6 of them. (He claims it wasn’t that many. I’m calling you out, Chad.)…

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Mushroom Duxelles Roast Beef

Mushroom Duxelles Roast Beef - Inspired by Beef Wellington, this beef is covered in a crust of dijon, mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and thyme, then roasted to perfection!

Apparently I have a thing for roasting beef around midnight, it’s like my witching hour. But actually, it’s the only time that really makes sense to cook a large dinner most days of the week (although, does making dinner around midnight really make sense? Not really). This time around, the clock was ticking on a piece of beef in the fridge, and the best before date had crept on us. We’ve all been there right? You buy something, excited to cook it, and before you know it, it’s almost expired. With no time to waste, I got to work! Inspired by Beef Wellington, I covered the roast with Mushroom Duxelles; a blend of mushrooms, garlic, thyme, and shallots, typically placed between the filet of beef and puff pastry of a Wellington. After rubbing the roast with a generous amount of Dijon, I crossed my fingers and hoped the Mushroom Duxelles would stick to the beef. It was a success! I used my tried and true method for roasting beef, and soon we had a beautiful medium-rare beef, with a delicious mushroom crust. 

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Pistachio Bundt Cake

Pistachio Bundt Cake - A rich, dense bundt cake, flavoured with pistachio, and a hint of Orange Blossom Water.

I did that thing again where I take the night off work, and am suddenly compelled to bake something. Bob and I found ourselves back home after a wonderful trip to Vancouver island, and thrown back into the busyness of life. I took the night off so I could get my life organized and do some laundry. Once the laundry was tossed in, though, I figured I might as well enjoy my Friday too!…

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Coconut Quinoa Granola

Coconut Quinoa Granola - This easy homemade granola is great for breakfast on yogurt, as cereal, or just plain!

How to best pretend you’re having a healthy 2016? Personally, I would recommend working out once, and following that up by making this granola. Bob and I have recently decided to offset all the beautiful food we eat by getting some ab workouts back into our lives. (Among other things.) Nobody wants to be the couple that gets soft together! With that decided, I’ve been thinking about breakfast alternatives to bread. Not that bread is bad, I mean, God, is it ever goood. However, I’m a firm believer in “everything in moderation”. We’ll have some buttery sourdough, and we’ll have some lightly sweetened granola too. We’ll have some “ab ripper” days, and some Netflix days. (I mean, come on, this is real life.)…

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Ancho, Beef, & Bean Chili

Ancho, Beef, & Bean Chili - A hearty chili packed with smokey ancho chili flavour!

As I write this, it’s -40°C… If I went outside, I would probably die in like 10 minutes. It’s times like these when I contemplate why we live in a place like Saskatoon, especially after we just got home from a trip to Victoria, BC. Why didn’t we just change the locks and move into our amazing Airbnb?!? Shan was totally on board.

It’s these kind of days that i’m eternally grateful to work from home. I literally stayed in my pajamas all day, worked in the basement, and ate chili for like 2.5 meals. If that’s not the life, I don’t know what is!? Maybe not working at all, and just eating chili all day? Yeah, that sounds pretty great.

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Kabocha, Olive Oil, & Bittersweet Chocolate Cake

Kabocha, Olive Oil, Bittersweet Chocolate Cake - A uniquely flavoured cake, from the beautiful Gjelina cookbook.

Let me give you some advice. Don’t make cake for yourself, it’s a bad idea… Scratch that. It’s a great idea, but it’s not so great for you. Tempted by all the beautiful photos in the new Gjelina cookbook, Shan and I were inspired to make the intriguing Kabocha, Olive Oil, & Bittersweet Chocolate Cake. The cake was beautiful, and had such a unique flavour. The problem – I pretty much ate the entire thing myself…How I stay thin, I’ll never know….

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Egg Nog Cocktail

Egg Nog Cocktail - We'll be slinging this egg nog all winter!

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean Egg Nog has to end. Sure, they probably aren’t selling it at the grocery store anymore, but that isn’t the kind of egg nog you should be drinking anyways! Frothy, smooth, spiced, balanced, and boozy, this version is Christmas holidays in a glass. Of course, as long as there is snow on the ground, There will be egg nog in my glass….

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Winter Spiced Syrup

Winter Spiced Syrup - Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves make this the perfect winter syrup.

We love classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Negronis, Manhattans, and Martinis, which rely on a perfect balance of spirits, but when you introduce syrups into your cocktail repertoire, the options become endless. This syrup was intended for an Egg Nog Cocktail, but is by no means limited to one use. Thinking about a bourbon sour? Switch out the simple syrup with this version and you’ve got a “winter sour”. Sounds pretty delicious right? Of course you’re not only limited to cocktails. Try it in your tea, lattes, or just with some soda water for a non-alcoholic drink. 

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Cinnamon Scones

Cinnamon Scones - Perfect with tea or coffee!

Our first time hosting my family for Christmas. The setting was just right. Real Christmas tree, beautiful lights, and a stunning brunch spread. The only catch – we really couldn’t decide what to make for brunch on Christmas morning. Our problem wasn’t lack of ideas, it was more that we wanted to make everything good ever. We debated breakfast pizzas, scones, hash browns, fruit, the list goes on. We decided to nix the breakfast pizza entirely (save it for another day), and make Bob’s strata that we fell in love with. So satisfying. Then we of course had to balance our meal with fruit salad, and scones. I love scones. Carbs, with a touch of sweetness? Um, yes….

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